The pub

Welcomes you in the heart of nature for a friendly and gourmet stopover in the middle of the vineyards.

Seasonal opening from June to September

Chef’s Note:

At the heart of our vineyard, Le P’tit Bouchon Bistro celebrates Provencal and Mediterranean cuisine. In the summer, our plates come to life with fresh local products and fragrant herbs that highlight the richness of our region. Olive oil, colorful vegetables, and our wines all evoke Provence and its authentic flavors. Come for friendly meals, preceded by a wine tasting in our cellar, and leave with memories full of taste. Welcome to a delightful and unpretentious summer season.

Route de l’AbbAye – d 279 – 83340 le tHoRoNet – tel : 04 94 67 31 47

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