Reasoned Agriculture

For generations, the vine has been rooted in the hillsides of the Var hinterland. Clinging to the hillsides, the 14 hectares of vineyards, some of which once belonged to the Thoronet Abbey, are cultivated through reasoned agriculture by individuals who respect the land. The grape varieties Cinsault, Grenache Rouge, Rolle, Syrah, and Carignan flourish in the warm days and cool nights that bring dew to the clay-limestone terroir. The slow grape maturation and acidity, favored by the structure and exceptional quality of the Rosé, characterize this land. The unparalleled freshness of the fruit is contributed, among other factors, by the Mediterranean continental climate of Carcès, much to the delight of our taste buds.


The traditional methods of observation by winemakers preserve the vine’s natural “self-immune” defense character, respecting its environment and achieving low yields of 50 hl per hectare. The human touch is a gentle caress… Grapes are delicately harvested, picked parcel by parcel in the early morning to isolate and enhance each nuance of the aromatic palette of the grape variety and the terroir.

In the shadow of the vinification cellars, the oenologist begins their work as an alchemist, aiming to elevate the entire aromatic expression and pure minerality of the juices that will create the rosés and whites, and to intensify the impetuosity of the reds and their delightful freshness.

Rosé, Red & White Wines

Once cultivated by the monks of the Thoronet Abbey, this beautiful vineyard, now practicing reasoned agriculture, offers wines in all three colors under the AOP Côtes de Provence, notably an outstanding rosé that remains fully focused on fruit and freshness. Even more astonishing is its rare balance.

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