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Experiencing Provence

The Domaine de Saint-Louis is nestled in the heart of the Var hinterland, a region away from the hustle of the Mediterranean coast that cultivates the art of living and tranquility. It’s a place undisturbed by anything, still recalling that quality and simplicity can go hand in hand. A stunning setting where the song of cicadas resonates in summer, immersed in a vibrant nature of vineyards and forests, with preserved fauna and flora. Surrounded by gentle hills where white clay and red bauxite intertwine, breathing in the scents of thyme, lavender, and the slightly dusty aroma left by the sun on the heated terraced fields.
A place crisscrossed by dirt paths where it’s delightful to stroll in the gentle evening, inhaling the mingling scents in the air. Running one’s hand through the vine leaves still damp with morning dew and feeling with fingertips those promising grape clusters. A place where it’s charming to visit the nearby village a few kilometers away to shop for fresh vegetables and fruits from local producers while listening to their melodic accents. Where it doesn’t seem unusual to succumb to languor and take a nap, as is customary in the region. A place where one delights in hosting friends and family, celebrating with typical local products, all while savoring the tranquility of the evening in the midst of nature.

Living Outside of Time

Stepping through the doors of the Domaine de Saint-Louis is entering a world with its own rhythm. A rhythm that has nothing in common with the pace of contemporary humans and everything to do with the rhythm of nature. Here, it’s nature that dictates its tempo to daily activities, whether for the estate manager, the vineyard worker, or the oenologist. The same holds true for life at the Bastide, which instinctively aligns with the lives of the people on the estate. Waking up early to enjoy the morning coolness before the cicadas make their presence known, slowing down the pace in summer when the sun is at its zenith and its rays are scorching, relishing beautiful summer evenings when it seems the day will never end and the night is imbued with a starry, fragrant gentleness reminiscent of our childhood. Realizing after some time spent there that time doesn’t really matter, and that the only thing that counts is the sensation of living and being in harmony with oneself.


The Domaine de Saint-Louis is a timeless place at the crossroads of history-rich locations and geographically significant sites. A perfect setting to envision moments of relaxing tranquility after intense days of cultural or sporting exploration. Beloved by hikers and cyclists, this place is only a few kilometers away from the Thoronet Abbey, one of the three Cistercian abbeys in Provence, renowned for being a perfect example of Cistercian architecture. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the nearby Lake of Carcès, also ideal for fishing. A little further, within an hour, one can reach the Verdon Gorges, known for their beauty, Lake Sainte-Croix, perfect for swimming or canoeing, as well as the sea. Marseille and Nice are approximately an hour away.
And the first ski resort is an hour and a half away.
  During a stay at the Bastide, one can also explore the village of Carcès, its castle, medieval streets, and the surrounding areas, including the waterfalls of the Caramy River, often enjoyed by hikers. For art enthusiasts, the region is filled with small villages housing painters, potters, and sculptors, along with a plethora of restaurants showcasing Provençal cuisine that honors local products such as olive oil or Côtes de Provence, delighting all our senses.

Staying at the Bastide

The Domaine de Saint-Louis houses an elegant Bastide at its core, with timeless lines and Provençal charm. Anchored atop a small hill, it overlooks the vine-covered hillsides and the surrounding valley, adorned with towering century-old umbrella pines. A view unobstructed by any neighbors, as if secluded from the world... The Bastide is approached through a stone alley winding amidst terraced fields surrounded by tall yews, olive trees with silver leaves, pine trees emitting fragrant scents, and oleanders bursting with colors in the summer. Access is gained by passing through an enclosing wall with a wrought-iron gate, concealing a facade of disarming simplicity. The Bastide is surrounded by several stone terraces on different levels and a large pool nestled below, sheltered from view and surrounded by umbrella pines.
Finally passing through the heavy wooden door that seems to guard access for all eternity, you will discovers a spacious place with a soothing charm. Featuring a large, typically Provençal kitchen, a double living room opening onto a terrace with breathtaking views for tranquil breakfasts, six bedrooms and five bathrooms to accommodate family and friends... A welcoming bastide, timeless yet equipped with all the comforts of our time. An enchanting place that is immediately embraced as a home you have always known. A place where it feels good. For moments of tranquility and conviviality, for beautiful shared instants.

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